Employees and Customers Need a Clean Work Environment.

We provide consistent and quality commercial cleaning throughout Northwest Arkansas so you can focus on running your business and serving clients with more efficiency.

Can the right cleaning company drive your office productivity?

With the expansion of technology and looming customer service deadlines, companies need to focus on what they do best—serving their clients. The challenge is, when you have to stop your business activity to worry about cleaning issues, it hurts productivity.

On average, most employees spend nearly nine hours or more in the workplace. That means countless objects are touched. Plus, the use of public bathrooms by employees and customers can pose risks for bacteria and viruses.

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Blake Samples
Blake Samples
Absolutely an amazing company! They were prompt and easy to communicate with. Highly recommend their services!
Shae Pilcher
Shae Pilcher
Amazing service! Great honest people and I would HIGHLY recommend their services! Choose them you won’t regret!
Martha Moody
Martha Moody
“They communicate very well and do what they say, we’ve used them at multiple locations and pleased with their service”

Janitorial services for a range of industries.

That’s where Ozark Maintenance can help. We’re a cleaning company in Fayetteville Arkansas dedicated to helping sanitize and disinfect commercial office spaces. We sweat the small stuff, and the big stuff, so you don’t have to.

Commercial Office

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Commercial Cleaning Experts

We utilize the latest technology and best practices to deliver exceptional commercial cleaning services to businesses in our communities. You benefit from having a maintenance partner providing sanitary solutions and ongoing improvements.

Communication & Professionalism

We believe that open communication is a cornerstone of success. That's why we're easy to get ahold of when you need to. Our team is dedicated to delivering excellent cleaning and customer service, upholding the highest standards of business ethics.

Total Customer Satisfaction is our Goal

Our clients appreciate the hard work we put into earning their business with every cleaning. We are committed to ensuring total customer satisfaction, which is why we don't have any binding annual contracts. Our convenient payment process make billing simple.

Your source for commercial cleaning in Northwest Arkansas.

Every client has different cleaning needs. This can vary based on office space, foot traffic, and other factors. A cookie-cutter approach to cleaning just isn’t a good fit. 

We can help keep your commercial office space clean with a custom plan. A plan that not only meets your needs, but also works with your busy schedule. 

Ready for a cleaner work environment?